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Learn a new craft with these amazing kits including candle making, flower pressing, linocut, macrame, metal embossing, quilling, and more. 
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Beeswax Sheet Candle Making Kit
This kit is an ideal way to try natural beeswax sheet candle making.  It makes a great starter kit to enjoy with children as there is no heat involved in the making of the candles. There is enough to make 5 standard candles or more smaller ones if the beeswax sheet is cut down. The kit ..
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Candle Making Starter Kit
Why not try the craft of candle making with this easy starter kit.  You can make 8-12 small, beautifully scented and coloured candles in four shapes, star, flower, heart and fluted dome. This kit includes: 1 x 4 shape reusable mould 4 x Wooden Wick Holders 1 x Wicking Needle 1 x Sc..
Cracker Kit - Metallic Silver
Create your own silver metallic crackers this festive season with this cracker kit. Everything is included to make 12 crackers, you just need to add the gifts you know people will enjoy.  The kit contains: 12 x boards 12 x quality foil hats 12 x snaps 12 x jokes/mottoes Curling r..
Dream Catcher Kit
This kit contains enough parts to make 2 different sized dream catchers. Native American Indians made dream catchers by tying sinew strands in a web around a frame of willow which were hung above them at night to capture bad dreams, happy dreams were allowed through the centre. The bad dreams were d..
Felt Owl Wreath Kit
Create your very own cute felt owl wreath with this easy kit. Using the supplied glue gun, scissors and a bit of patience you can create this felt wreath with its two adorable little owls and brighten up your home. Everything is in the box, including a glue gun and glue sticks, to make these chee..
Flower Press - Square Deluxe
A medium sized square flower press for preserving your flowers. The press is made from quality 9mm plywood and features a photograph of tulips, bonded to the top board. The flower press is sold as a kit containing wing nuts, washers and bolts along with pre-cut blotting paper and cardboard. ..
Intro Into Cork Coasters Kit
This great starter kit contains everything that you will need to paint 6 cork coasters. With lots of ideas, you will be able to continue this facinating craft. This kit includes: 6 x Cork coasters Paint Glue Wooden skewers Brush Dotting tool Instructions ..
Intro Into Flower Pressing Kit
This great starter kit contains everything that you will need to start pressing your own flowers and make some beautiful greetings cards. This kit includes: flower press blotting paper and card 4 x greetings cards & envelopes skewers glue tweezers full instructions ..
Intro Into Origami Flowers Kit
Make 5 stunning origami paper flowers with this introductory kit. The kit contains detailed instructions and beautiful printed papers to help you to make these lovely flowers. This kit includes: Patterened paper Wire Stems Stamens Double sided tape Instructions ..
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Linocut Taster Kit
Satisfy your creative urge and join the wonderful world of printmaking with this Linocut taster kit. The kit enables you to create two beautiful linocuts without committing to expensive tools and equipment. The instructions will help and guide you through the process from carving to printing. Thi..
Macrame Kit Crescent Moon
This kit makes a beautiful, hanging macrame crescent moon and is perfect for beginners using just a few simple knots. It uses 100% cotton cord to make it both environmentally and aesthetically pleasing. The finished kit is approx. 140cm long This kit includes: 60mt Hank of 3.5mm ..
Macrame Owl Kit
This macrame starter kit from Peak Dale includes everything you need to make two lovely little owl wall decorations which are approx. 28-30cm long. This kit includes: Jute T-pins Foam board Dowel Assorted Beads Instructions to make two owls ..
Macrame Shooting Stars Kit
Create these 3 beautiful shooting stars using the ancient craft of macrame with this kit from Peak Dale. Everything you need is supplied in the kit including a string of LED lights to make the stars really sparkle! This large kit includes: 2 x hanks of 3.5mm un-dyed Natural Cotton cord 3 x ..
Macrame Wall Hanging Kit
Learn macrame and create this beautiful wall hanging using just 4 simple knots with this kit from Peak Dale. The kit uses 100% cotton cord and natural wood to make it both environmentally and aesthetically pleasing. The finished product has an approximate length of 50 - 55cm depending on you..
Melt & Pour Soap Making Kit
Make up to 8 bars of beautiful handmade soap wih this kit which contains everything you need. All you need to do is melt, mix and pour! This kit includes: Soap Soap dyes Perfume Silicone mould Instructions ..
Metal Embossing Kit - Christmas Tree
Create this beautiful aluminium tree with this metal embossing kit from Peak Dale. Designed by pewter artisan Caroline Buchwald this tree can be used as a table centre piece or even a tree topper. Metal embossing, also called repousse or 'chasing', is an easy to learn and absorbing craft...
Metal Embossing Kit - Copper Angel
Make this beautiful copper angel with an embellished copper face and brighten your Christmas table or top your tree, using this metal embossing kit designed by pewter artisan Caroline Buchwald. Inside are 3 different designs to choose from, 2 angels and 2 wings, or a choirboy and cape. ..
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Metal Embossing Kit - Embossed Heart
Make your own beautiful embossed metal wall or window hanging heart with this kit from Peak Dale. With this kit you will learn several techniques and also some tricks from metal expert Caroline Buchwald. With all tools, paint and full colour instructions included this kit is perfect for an..
Metal Embossing Kit - Glass Coasters
Learn a new craft with this metal embossing glass coaster kit from Peak Dale. You will learn how to emboss beautiful designs onto pewter with full instructions as well as some tips and tricks from metal embosser Caroline Buchwald. This fun and practical kit will be something you can enjoy for yea..
Metal Embossing Kit - Planter Labels
Organise and label your garden and potted plants whilst learning a new craft with this fun and practical metal embossing kit from Peak Dale. The kit contains everything you need to make 10 plant stakes.  It also includes 5 additional pieces of metal which you can use on your own projects such a..
Metal Embossing Kit - Tree Decorations
With this metal embossing kit designed by pewter artisan Caroline Buchwald you can make 6 embossed and glittered copper decorations to hang on your tree this festive season.  Metal embossing, also called repousse or 'chasing', is an easy to learn and absorbing craft. The metal s..
Quilling Starter Kit
This kit contains everything you need to make 12 beautifully quilled cards and is the perfect introduction to this easy craft. The kit also makes a great gift! This kit includes: Deluxe quilling tool Quilling workboard Greetings cards in white & cream complete with envelopes 40..
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The Ultimate Candle Making Kit
The Ultimate Candle Making kit from Peak Dale contains everything you need to make home-made coloured and scented candles. There are seven high quality and reusable moulds as well as enough wax to make at least 2 candles from each mould. There is also stearin, wick, wicking needle, mo..